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Men are the Better Sex

…or at least that’s what feminism is trying to get across.

One weird thing about feminism is that while a lot of feminists will demonise men and masculinity, they set men and their attributes as the goals women should reach. In other words, they think men are better.

I know it sounds weird but hear me out.

What things do feminists often say?

“Everything a man can do, a woman can do it too and just as well!”

Third/Fourth Wave Feminism is extremely androcentric these days. It focuses on women being just as good as men. Feminists make men the standard. They see them as powerful, dominant and assertive, and quite frankly, they feel jealous. Do they hate themselves for being women? I don’t know but it does come across that way. I’ve heard the term ‘internalised misogyny’ being thrown around a lot in feminist circles. Well this is the epitome of internalised misogyny (rather than wanting to be a housewife)

Feminists’ obsession with men is pretty creepy to say the least.

I don’t understand why they feel the need to prove they are ‘just like men’. Why is it women are of equal standing when they are exactly like a man? Men and women are inherently different. Our brains are wired differently, our hormone levels are different. We perceive the world differently. Why must women achieve to be like men?

Why can’t women just be women? Why can’t women strive to be the best woman they can be and not a cheap copy of a man.

Feminism is about empowering women and femininity, but we don’t see that anymore. Feminism has become about impressing men with how masculine and manly and unwomanly women can be. Feminism has become about hating and abandoning femininity. It’s about making femininity weak and worthless and how does that empower women in any way, shape or form? Imagine if men did the same? Imagine if men constantly reminded the world that men are just as loving and caring as women. Imagine if they felt empowered wearing skirts simply because women wear them and women are better. Imagine if men constantly told women that we didn’t care about them. That women need to be more like men while they continued appropriating femininity (which is okay for men to do- you do you, beau). That would be weird to say the least. You’d wonder why men would care so much about what women think of them and how much of a feminine man they come across as.

Why don’t we stop putting down femininity and start raising it up! Why don’t we stop putting men on this pedestal and realise we’re all of the same value!

Women are women. They are not men with vaginas. They are different- very different


but different doesn’t mean lesser.


Men are not the better sex.

Neither are women.

Just accept that we’re different and of the same value.




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