Update: Weekly Posts

I didn’t want to say this just in case I wouldn’t commit to it, but… I… actually have!

So from now till start of August, expect posts every week. I post every Wednesday at 9:00am BST/UTC+1. It may continue beyond August, but that’s only how far I’ve gotten, hehe.

For now it’ll be one post per week, extra random stuff and updates don’t count (unless I put them because I’m busy) and they’ll come at anytime, but there will always be one long post, Wednesdays at 9… for now.

In regards to the upcoming posts, there will be some on feminism both criticism of the movement and about women’s issues. I haven’t actually seen which post is next and I… probably should’ve looked beforehand…

Anyway, I’m also planning some semi-personal posts: talking about things, but also taking a look at my own experiences.  I’m also drawing again! It’s another, sort of drawing of me that doesn’t actually look like me but oh well. It’s just practice really, and learning how to use the software (GIMP).

Also I managed to go the whole day without playing The Sims 4 which is quite an achievement given that I impulsively bought two expansion packs yesterday. (TWO FUCKI-)

Anyway! That’s all for now! Tune in next Wednesday for my next big post.



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