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Thanks Franny, for Showing us Your True Colours

It’s always appreciated.

Why do I always fall for this shit?

So literally just now I was searching YouTube for something to watch this morning, and I came across a video by Armoured Skeptic. I was like ‘Yaaay :3’ because I am quite a fan of his content. I once binge-watch all his videos on topics such as flat earth or creationism.

So I can across this one video titled:

My Life Lesson

And the thumbnail had a picture of Franchesca Ramsey and the text ‘Dear Franchesca’.

I instantly got a shiver down my spin as I kind of knew what was coming, but then I thought, ‘Hey, you know, she got on pretty well with Andy Warski, maybe it’s about Skeptic misjudging Franny and how she was actually a pretty reasonable person with just crazy, misinformed views.




As you can probably guess, it didn’t turn out that way.


It turns out that Franny and Greg (Skeptic) had been talking for quite some time. She called him her friend. They had discussions. The same thing happened with Andy and Franny as well and when I say that picture at VidCon, you can imagine how happy I was. I know in the past I had seen feminists and certain sjw groups as enemies, but I was moved by the attempts of quite of lot of antifeminist/sceptic creators to have an open dialogue and make friends with ‘the other side’. I just really want peace after all. Then there’s also the thing with Laci Green which just gave me hope and maybe made me a little naïve. I still have hope for her though.

So in Skeptic’s video, he features a sort of podcast thing, where Franny is talking to her husband apparently, basically outing herself as a liar and manipulator. She explains how she got close to Andy and Greg, so she can learn about why they’re not feminists, and find out how to make sure other young people don’t ‘follow their path’. She even bribed Greg to come on to MTV to talk with ‘MTV money’. She planned to use him to tone police other sceptics.

So this really boils down to her lying to them, pretending to be their friends, calling them her friends, calling Greg ‘one of the good ones’, so they could soften up to her and be her fucking pawns. So he could use them! Then she made that disgusting podcast, revealing herself as a manipulative (and I hate using this word) CUNT who looks down on all of us because we are normal fucking people, who are trying to make our voices and view heard. She’s such an elitist. The way she was talking- it was so disgusting and I actually felt very hurt even though I wasn’t directly affected.

She thinks (or at least she claims to think) that we’re only in this for the money and that the whole ‘adpocalypse’ thing is driving us to try to steal her fans and fans of other well known feminist. I didn’t even know she had fans. Judging by her like to dislike ratio, I’m pretty sure her that her ‘fans’ are virtually non-existent.

And, God, the way she sees us- she sees us as these losers. She mocks us, makes fun of a guy with a stutter, and then proceeds to act like she’s the saint, claiming that we’re like this because bad things have happened to us and we’re socially inept. Sure, Franchesca, make fun of people who have stutters and poor social skills (even though I’m not sure that’s pretty representative of our community, though it might be, I’m not sure) that’s not fucking ableist of you. Honestly, I really fucking hate ableism. Maybe even more than racism and sexism. I cannot fucking stand blatantly ableist people. Like I get that someone might laugh at a stutter because it sound funny (or maybe out of nervous laughter- that happen to me quite a lot and it’s fucking torture), but how can someone make fun of the person because of their disability- it’s disgusting! Especially as someone who views themselves as an ally of social justice. That includes disabled people too, Franchesca!


It’s just so glaringly obvious now. I hate to make assumptions, but I’m going to make one now. I’m not entirely sure, Franny is in this because she cares about social justice. I don’t think she was brainwashed to think that all white people are racist. I don’t think she believes social justice crap at all.

I’m pretty sure, that she’s in this for the money, and for the fame.

For the elitism.

She obviously a narcissist. Morally superior to us peasants. I’m sure a lot of other prominent feminists are the same. Not all, but a lot. Kat Blaque for one. I wonder how great Franny felt, seeing part of the sceptic community, looking towards her with hope. At least Kat Blaque never tried this shit. I still don’t like her, but at least she never did this.

They’re all manipulative cunts- these elitists I mean. And young people watch this and get manipulated. ARGGHH! It just makes me angry!! I hate people who manipulate and deceive you. It’s just one of the most disgusting things you can do to a person. I know how it feels to be mislead and manipulated. It’s like you’ve been violated. Maybe my reaction isn’t the norm, but I don’t care. It’s still not right.

And I hate that feeling of hopelessness and depression you get afterwards. When you realise how naïve and silly you are, to have believed this shit. It’s happened to me in the past and yet I still have yet to learn my lesson.

But, you know, despite that, I’ll still give people the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been deceived and let down countless times, and yet, I still want to give people the benefit of the doubt. I don’t want to harden my heart and stop listening, because then I’d be stuck in an echo chamber.

I still watch Kat Blaque and Riley Dennis, with the hope that one day they’ll turn around and do this feminism thing right, and do it without the manipulative language. Be open and honest.

These types- these elitists- they’re not helping other feminists. People like Laci Green, Ash Hardell, Contrapoints. They’re only making things worse for them- but I guess they don’t care that much because they only care about being famous, rich and ‘successful’

They don’t realise they are hurting the bedroom feminists, who grow up thinking that all society is against them because they’re women/black/whateverelseminority. They hurt me, my family, my friends. They inflate race tensions. They give rise to both white supremacists and black supremacists. They make it harder for black people in America to better their lives and so they are kept in poverty, thinking that they have no chance because ‘only white people can make a life for themselves’

I’m going off a tangent here so let’s get back to the point.

The point is that I don’t like narcissistic manipulative cunts.

That’s all I have to say. Let’s hope I don’t get any triggered sjws running to point out and laugh at any spelling or grammar errors I’ve made in this post. (Come at me, bitches)


Peanut out.


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