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Trump’s Ban on Trans People Joining the Military

I’m sure you must’ve heard about Donald Trump banning trans people from joining the military due to the high cost of keeping them around due to medical costs.

screenshot from MrRepzion's video
Come on, there must be some roles that trans people would have almost no issues serving in.

Now, let me begin by saying I don’t know much about the military, I don’t know that much about money issues and whatnot, but I’m still going to state where I stand on this issue.

I think it’s bullshit.

Here me out.

If the issue is the cost of trans people and their medical expenses, there’s an easy solution to this- cut the funding. If you make trans people fund part or all of their transition, then that would help reduce costs. Sure that means a lot of less fortunate trans people would be discouraged from joining, but I get it- the military isn’t a charity, they’re more like a business- their concerns shouldn’t be on pleasing people and not hurting feelings. Their job is to protect people- that’s it. At least this way of only funding some or none of their transition- trans people are still able to serve if they want to- they have the freedom to do so and that’s what’s important. The freedom to serve.

Some people argue that trans people will have to many extra needs and the environment in the military won’t be able to accommodate them.

So. What.

Obviously if a trans person wants to join, they know this- they know there will be issues and they are willing to embrace them if serving in the military is what they’ve always wanted to do. I still think they can make some accommodations for trans people- maybe some gender neutral spaces- if it doesn’t hurt the budget too much. I don’t assume it should- less than 1% of the population are transgender.

For those who think that trans people aren’t fit to serve because they are more prone to mental illness due to gender dysphoria…

So. What.

If an individual is CAPABLE and in the right frame of mind, if they are fit mentally and physically, why, the hell, would they not be able to serve? It makes literally no sense, whatsoever.

People have brought up the fact that the military spend so much more on Viagra than trans people’s medical costs. Now, I’m not a dude- I don’t have a dick or anything- so I wouldn’t know why this is the case. It seems a little ridiculous to me but I’d honestly like to know why Viagra is so important in the military. I’m actually being serious, please comment below if you know. I’ll also be snooping around on the internet to try and find out the answer (if there is one).

All this has made me very sceptical of Trump. I’ve never been anti- or pro-trump, I’ve only liked his blunt nature, and the fact that he’s concerned about security and the safety of his people (or so it seemed, my opinion on Trump is still evolving). This whole issue makes me think that maybe this was fuelled by transphobia.

I did consult my good friend Mochi who’s good with politics and shit (better than me, at least), and he suspects it’s meant to serve as a distraction because his legislative agenda is failing with Obamacare. I’ve also seen other people say that and I’ll have to take a further look into that, but it makes sense.

Ash and Grace Hardell made a video on the whole subject, though I would classify them being on the ‘sjw side’ so their arguments had more feeling than practicality, but Grace has served and knows trans people who have also served, so she has a good insight. I’ll link the video here as well.

In fact I’ll also link videos of some other YouTubers I follow who have varying views on this issue. Have a look and decide how you feel about it. All are good videos in my opinion.

That’s all for today, hope you have a good day/week/whatever


Private Butter reporting for duty

Video links

More support than against:


Transgender Military Ban = Outrage Du Jour | Prince of Queens

More against than support:

Trans Military Ban Rant | OneTakeAsh

Trump Bans All Transgenders From Serving In The Military | MrRepzion


More videos:

#204 TRANS TROOP BAN, OH NO!! Blaire White and Alex Epstein | Louder With Crowder | Steven Crowder

The Truth About Trump’s ‘Transgender Ban’ | EazyOnMe

Both very good, so make sure you check them out.



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