Pigtails are Hot

…but I’m too lazy to draw them… I mean… there’s TWO of them!


So I’ve been at it again- drawing I mean. I did start one drawing but kind of abandoned it because it looked weird. Today (the day I’m writing this) I managed to start and finish this one. Don’t know how long it took me, but it’s 2 am right now and I think it was still light out when I started.

I drew this with a fucking mouse

So in this drawing I tried experimenting a bit since I’m still an amateur at this digital art. I’m actually also no good at traditional because I don’t have a steady hand and can’t get proportions right (and there’s no undo, copy or paste buttons in real life, hehe).

So, new things I tried! I tried making the eyes look less dead by adding a little light hue at the bottom. The whole dead eyes thing was kinda freaking me out so I just had to do something, y’know?

The eye shape was also a big one. I’ve always struggled with eye shape so I took some inspiration from bing (yes, I use bing) and decided to have a go. Still not too sure on how to do the whites of the eyes though. I don’t know if this is okay or not. The eye lashes are also different too.

More face shading! And I used the smudge tool a bit to make it blend in more. The smudge tool in GIMP kinda sucks, but maybe I’m using wrong idk. I was pretty chuffed with the nose though. I don’t think I ever shaded the nose like that before. The neck was also a new thing. Usually I shade the outline, but this time I shaded a whole area. I sort of learnt that from Miss Misa, a youtuber I watch who’s also a total nerd and is also British so yay! No live streams at 3am or anything! She does awesome speed paint videos whilst discussing sjw stuff- though now I guess she’s branching out now. If you like that stuff, check her out.

The lips are also bigger, I think. That’s probably a thing. I think the nose too.

The hair is also different. I did a cute ponytail even though pigtails would’ve been much cuter. Can’t actually get enough of pigtails and I don’t think I’m alone on this. I had absolutely no idea how to do a ponytail. I tried to get some ideas from anime and sort of came up with this. I like how I did the shading, but I think the hair could definitely be improved.

Same with the outline. I tried myself to make it look less ms paint and more traditional like but I only really tried with the face- I got a little lazy with the hair outline…

There’s obviously more I could try, adding a little blush to the cheeks would be really cute- I might even add it to this drawing, but it’s REALLY late as I’m writing (typing) this. I’ll probably schedule this at 9 am as usual though, but not as a weekly post of course. I just want to spread my posts out a bit since I’ve already made an impromptu post as I’m typing this. (The Trump one, btw)

So I hope this cute little drawing made your day, and if it didn’t?




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