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LNR: Sexual Orientation Dating Preferences???



This post needs to be made.

So I was looking at Riley Dennis’ videos because I hate myself (I vehemently disagree with almost everything she says and I think she emotionally manipulates people) and came across one video titled ‘Not dating bisexual people is biphobic’ (and she means not dating bi people, simply because they are bisexual, is biphobic) and as much as I HATE to admit it- I actually *gulp* agree with Riley on this.

There is literally no valid reason (other than trauma from some event in the past commited by a bisexual) why you wouldn’t want to date a bisexual (or at least none that I know of).

People like to lump this in with the ‘not dating trans people is transphobic’ argument on BOTH sides, but they are different issues and I will make a post soon about that. The thing that people need to understand is that they are two majorly different situations. Sexual attraction is based on appearance. Trans people are physically different to their cis counterparts pre-op. Bisexuals are no different from straight and gay people (‘monosexuals’) physically. Why then should sexual orientation be a factor when choosing a partner? It makes no sense to me. I didn’t even know that this was a thing- people not wanting to date bisexuals even despite knowing the stereotypes are bullshit.

I know I’m bisexual so it seems I have some bias, but I am not speaking on this topic as a bisexual. I’m speaking about it simply as a person. If someone doesn’t want to date me because I’m bi, sure it would hurt especially because I wouldn’t understand why, but it’s their choice. They have every right not to date me even if the reason isn’t valid in my eyes.

Emphasis on the word ‘my’. I, personally, don’t see it a valid reason and I can only chalk this up to stereotypes or straight up biphobia. That doesn’t mean that other people don’t see it as valid. I mean clearly other people must, given by the proportion of dislikes.

So this is where I ask those of you who disagree with me here to tell me why you do. I really want to know. I don’t want to dismiss people without listening to them. I’ve already read a lot of comments critical of Riley’s video, but they range between people telling Riley that they can sleep with whoever they want (which is true and must be emphasised) and people telling Riley that this is like forcing gay people to sleep with the opposite sex (which isn’t true).

So if you disagree with me, feel free to comment! I want to here your views and I promise I won’t call you biphobic (unless you legitimately are, of course)

Thanks for reading. I really felt the need to make this post. I’m not necessarily angry, just mostly shocked and annoyed because people aren’t making sense to me. People who I might normally agree with.

It’s so weird…



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