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Do We Really Need More Women?

Hey! Peanut here with another problematic Wednesday post.

Today I’m going to talk (type) about female representation in careers.

We always hear that we need more women in ‘this’ male dominated field or ‘that’ male dominated field so that women feel more comfortable in a career, but is it really necessary?

Women are constantly coddled by the media telling them that they can do anything and that they’re strong and powerful and beautiful. While perhaps a bit excessive, I still see it as a good thing. So why are we being told that women are so meek and helpless that they need the presence of other women in a career to feel that ‘hey, I guess I can also do this job’.

When I was in secondary school, I had a taster day at the sixth form I was going to. We had to sign up for taster classes and I really wanted to do physics. In my taster class there were 4 girls, including myself and Phoenix, and yeah I was nervous as fuck because I went to an all-girls school and my anxiety was relentless back then. I also had no idea how to interact with boys and I couldn’t even make eye contact with them and yet there I was sitting in a sea of testosterone. I was also asexual/borderline lesbian back then so it wasn’t that fun at all.



This is from this post, btw.

Funnily enough, in that post, I say that I hoped there would be more girls in my physics class. There were in the end, but that’s besides the point. The point was, even me, as the socially anxious mess I was back then, still signed up for physics.

FOUR GIRLS in a class of around THIRTY. And I still joined.

I’m not saying this to toot my own horn. I’m saying this because when you really want something, as I had wanted physics back then, you will go for it regardless. Hence why there are women in tech despite it being a male dominated field. They are there because they really want it and that’s what we want- competent individuals who love what they do.

I get that it can be hard for some women. It’s probably hard for men in some fields too (men aren’t often empowered to take on careers that go against gender expectations). But if it’s so serious that you absolutely cannot join a field unless there’s a certain percentage of women… well I don’t really know what to say. Get some help? I’m not even joking about that. I wouldn’t joke about that. See if you can get a work space away from men? A woman’s-only company?? I dunno, man, that might exist? I don’t think you can be that picky when it comes to jobs though…

But waiting for more women to join before you even entertain the thought of working in that field? Maybe, just maybe, you don’t care about it that much. Maybe.

Hey, I’m trying to be nice here! Maybe I’m trying too hard.


And, you know, this applies to racial minorities too. In that physics class, and in a lot of my classes I was either the only black person, or there would be at the most two or maybe even three of us. I’ve often noted throughout my life how there has always been a lack of black people around me and, yeah, not gonna lie, that has always made me feel bit awkward.

But if you live in area where, in general, people aren’t racist (I mean you’ll always get the odd racist here and there), then you should never let the fact that you’re a minority group stop you from joining a field. Even if you’re being swarmed by ‘microaggressions’, I think you can get over it.


If you love something, go for it!



Save me from the mens!
Save me from the mens!



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