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So, There’s This Really Cool Thing Called CONTEXT…

Today we’re gonna talk about the n-word… (I will write the word uncensored so if that offends you don’t read. Also I’m black so pls don’t attack me thx)

Yup, we’re going there again.

So I recently heard about Kendrick Lamar and how he invited a fan to come and sing one of his songs. When this girl (white, might I add, because obviously skin colour matters *rolls eyes*) comes up and sings the song that has the n-word in it, she doesn’t censor or ‘bleep out’ this slur.

Oh… my God… Call the police. Call the army. Someone stop this bitch before someone gets hurt.

So what happens after that? Good ol’ Kendrick stops the music and tells her off for it. The audience then proceed to berate her, screaming ‘fuck you bitch’, or at least, that’s what I can tell from the clips I saw.

Hopefully, by my choice of words, you can tell that I do not agree with Kendrick or the majority of his audience. I mean, setting aside the fact that in some clips, you can actually hear the audience saying the n-word, why should she be berated for singing a song lyric??

Context! Does anyone know what this word means?? Are our schools failing us? The word is a slur when used in a certain context, for example, how some people in the comment section of one of the videos I watched said that ‘niggers are lazy and stupid’, in response to someone saying why black people get all pissy about this topic. That is racist. Very much so. A girl singing a song by a black artist she enjoys (or used to, after pulling that stunt- I can only hope), not racist. And I hope any white person who’s guilty of the unforgivable sin of saying the n-word as part of some song lyrics knows that they’re not in the wrong. It’s not a bad thing. Singing does not kill or harm anyone. In fact, you’re probably helping that black artist by making their song known, even if 30% of the song is simply the word ‘nigga’ (Not saying, that’s Kendrick’s song, but I’m just exaggerating (probably) to make a point)

And can we just talk about how Kendrick invited a white person to sing a song that has the n-word in it, and then got angry at her for singing the song because her skin is too light? Kendrick… Bro… DON’T INVITE A WHITE PERSON UP IF YOU DON’T WANT A WHITE PERSON TO SING YOUR DAMN SONG!

Okay, and now the last part of this post is the most important. Let’s talk about the effect all of this has on us.

I don’t think it takes a genius to realise that this public shaming of white people exercise one of their fundamental human rights in a way that harms no one only creates racists. It gives fuel to the racists and draws decent people to their side. It also has the consequence of fucking up race relations, making it harder for black and white people to coexist. It also means black people have to be more weary, and worry more about their wellbeing. For most of my life, I’ve been normal around white people. I always act with caution (that is just my nature, combined with common sense), but for the most part, I don’t feel threatened around white people. But these days, I do start to worry about the future. As the radical left creates more racists, what will this mean for me and other black people?

I always say we need to stop talking about race where it doesn’t matter. We need to see ourselves less as a skin colour (or gender, or sexuality) and more in terms of our personalities, ideas and values, the things that actually matter.

Sorry, this feels a little all over the place, but I still have one more exam left and I’m so busy with trying to get a flat, a job and other shit TT.TT

TL;DR? Context matters.

Till next time,



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