Hey There,

So this is a new blog of mine. I used to have an old blog by the name of www.mynameisepiccupcake.wordpress.com.  It’s where I would self-centredly talk about myself constantly. I no longer update it but the content is still there if you want to learn about the dumb stuff I used to do and think.

This blog is a little different. A little. I want to focus more on stuff that’s important to me, while also talking about my life and my experiences. I think it’s important to log them somewhere at least.

I decided my old blog was too immature, perhaps? It’s only been a year or so since I dropped it and yet I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the time. I definitely have different views and thoughts so it only feels right to start anew.

So a bit about me…

My name is Michelle, but this is probably the last time I’ll mention this. Here I’ll go by the name Peanut which is the name for my avatar and how I used to refer to myself on my old blog and in some parts of the internet. I’m a university student studying pharmacy. My favourite subject is maths. My favourite colour is purple. I used to dress like a little boy, but I dress like a big girl now because how else will I get da ladies? I’m a big girl now.

My political standing is centrist, mostly left leaning, but I have a significant conservative side to me. I’m a big critic of feminism which will be something I may mention a lot. I’m very much into the concept of gender and gender differences between men and women and their links to gender roles. I also have an interest in LGBT topics which I’ll talk about quite a bit.

I’ll also talk about social anxiety, social ability and also autism to a lesser extent.

I haven’t written anything science or math related but I hope I get to soon.


I like to write- mostly teen slice of life. BL comics and manga are my guilty pleasure. If I do plan to release anything- I’ll likely release it on Tapas so I can make the monies.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for you for now.


Oh, I have a twitter btw: @FujoshiPeanut

Enjoy the blog and see ya soon.


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