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LNR: Lateness Anxiety

So this morning I had a bit of an episode. I had just missed my train when I got to the station. I got a later train which was 3 minutes after so it wasn't a big deal. It was only when I wanted to get my second train, it left before the doors of… Continue reading LNR: Lateness Anxiety


LNR: She Says She Can’t Remember

I'm talking about abuse so here's your trigger warning. . .  . I spoke to my mum today about being hit as a child as punishment. I can't remember hiw we got to that topic, but I told her that hitting is bad enough, but straight up belting your child (or anyone for that matter!!… Continue reading LNR: She Says She Can’t Remember

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With Unwanted Thoughts at Bay, I’m Having a Lovely Day

Hey!! Peanut here. I'm in a good mood for once today!! I mean, this morning I did have an argument with my mum, but I think I'll make a separate post about all that. Let's focus on the positives for now! Well, it's not like anything amazing happened, but today went pretty nicely. I had… Continue reading With Unwanted Thoughts at Bay, I’m Having a Lovely Day

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A Lot of Reflection

Possible trigger warning? Talking about the subject of abuse, but there's no super graphic descriptions of abuse. I just thought I should mention this. I don't want to trigger anyone, seriously. (And by 'trigger' I don't mean 'offend' I mean literally 'trigger') Hey. This'll be somewhat of an update since I've been pretty much silent… Continue reading A Lot of Reflection

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To The SJWs and The Antis

Ugh, I hate that little nickname- the 'Antis'. We're just against¬†everything aren't we. Hello there, SJW and Anti-SJW alike. This is an open letter to 'both groups'. I saw both groups because SJWs and Anti-SJWs aren't the same. They cluster in divided groups which acknowledge their 'brother' or 'sister' sub-groups sometimes, but mostly do their… Continue reading To The SJWs and The Antis

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Sort of a Life Update: Mental Health and Uni Stuff

Hey, So I've been avoiding blogging recently, or at least, I didn't feel like it. Luckily I've had some stuff scheduled in the meantime (but those are gonna finish soon!) Since I've made a few personal posts, I wanted to avoid making another personal one for a while. I didn't want to fall down that… Continue reading Sort of a Life Update: Mental Health and Uni Stuff