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LNR: Crocodile Tears

Note: possible trigger warning, I talk about abuse though not in graphic detail (Look, I don't know how triggering works so I'm just being careful) so yeah you've been warned. [Insert horizontal line here] Hi. It's late and I have a huge headache but I'm kind of excited/sad so I wanted to talk (type) about… Continue reading LNR: Crocodile Tears

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Whitewashing and Representation

'Sup. So carrying on with the topic of representation, I'd like to talk about media representation of race and whitewashing. Starting with representation. As I've made clear in my post two weeks ago, I don't care much for representation- that's in the workplace and also in the media. I grew up around a lot of… Continue reading Whitewashing and Representation

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Do We Really Need More Women?

Hey! Peanut here with another problematic Wednesday post. Today I'm going to talk (type) about female representation in careers. We always hear that we need more women in 'this' male dominated field or 'that' male dominated field so that women feel more comfortable in a career, but is it┬áreally necessary? Women are constantly coddled by… Continue reading Do We Really Need More Women?