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Whitewashing and Representation

'Sup. So carrying on with the topic of representation, I'd like to talk about media representation of race and whitewashing. Starting with representation. As I've made clear in my post two weeks ago, I don't care much for representation- that's in the workplace and also in the media. I grew up around a lot of… Continue reading Whitewashing and Representation

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I’m Just a Spoilt Privileged Millennial

As much as I hate to admit it, it's true. Hey there! So the other day I made a post regarding Trump's ban on transgender people joining the military. I had consulted only a few videos, both pro and against and decided that it made more sense to be against the ban. I watched some… Continue reading I’m Just a Spoilt Privileged Millennial

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Trump’s Ban on Trans People Joining the Military

I'm sure you must've heard about Donald Trump banning trans people from joining the military due to the high cost of keeping them around due to medical costs. Now, let me begin by saying I don't know much about the military, I don't know that much about money issues and whatnot, but I'm still going… Continue reading Trump’s Ban on Trans People Joining the Military