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Netflix and Chill

Yo, how're you doing? I'm been busting my backside trying to get all my revision notes done before my exams which are actually starting this month! I know. My university is evil. But I've got a little time here so I'm gonna give a quick life update. And it's actually not going to be negative… Continue reading Netflix and Chill

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Autism and Me

Yo. So I guess I'm moving to a social theme this week by talking about autism and my experience with it. I've been focusing on lgbt for a while now. So, disclaimer here, I've never actually been clinically tested for autism. I tried last year but my GP is an asshole and refused to refer… Continue reading Autism and Me

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How I Discovered My Sexuality

Quick note: This is a post about sexuality so expect some 'sexy' language down there.  'Sup. I mentioned a while ago I'd be making this post so here you go! So my 'journey' to bisexuality is probably not a common one. In fact it involves several other labels and is intertwined with my exploration of gender… Continue reading How I Discovered My Sexuality

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I Really Thought This Would be a Positive Post

God, I feel so pathetic.   Morning. Or whatever time you're reading this. I don't really care at this point. I really thought I would make a positive post today. I didn't expect a fun-filled day or anything. I expected I would go to work, have a busy day, come back and maybe cut some… Continue reading I Really Thought This Would be a Positive Post