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Anti-Feminism and My Journey

Somehow I'm feeling motivation to write a proper post so I'm going to take this chance. So, yeah, as the title says, this is about anti-feminism. I'm just going to speak a little about it, because I don't really think I have. I become antifeminist in 2017, so I was in the community for about… Continue reading Anti-Feminism and My Journey

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I’m Just a Spoilt Privileged Millennial

As much as I hate to admit it, it's true. Hey there! So the other day I made a post regarding Trump's ban on transgender people joining the military. I had consulted only a few videos, both pro and against and decided that it made more sense to be against the ban. I watched some… Continue reading I’m Just a Spoilt Privileged Millennial

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Thanks Franny, for Showing us Your True Colours

It's always appreciated. So literally just now I was searching YouTube for something to watch this morning, and I came across a video by Armoured Skeptic. I was like 'Yaaay :3' because I am quite a fan of his content. I once binge-watch all his videos on topics such as flat earth or creationism. So I… Continue reading Thanks Franny, for Showing us Your True Colours