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The Negative Voice

Just a little trigger warning- I talk about self-harm here, but not in too much detail. The other day in therapy, I mentioned self-harm to my therapist, that I'd tried it once (which now that I think about it- that was untrue. I've probably self-harmed a lot more) and recently got the urge to do… Continue reading The Negative Voice

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I was just thinking how much I didn't want to do my coursework, or any work for that matter, shortly before screaming out "WORK IS FOR SQUARES!!!" It made me remember how I thought my name was kinda 'square-like'. I don't really know how to elaborate because this is just how my brain works... I… Continue reading Names

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Double-Teaming Anxiety: Me and Zii

I've been having trouble figuring out a name to give my closest uni friend for a while now, but I thought I'd settle on Zii. Zii is the name of a character in a webcomic called Ménage à trois (A real cool NSFW comic- loads of lgbt characters because yeah, I like that shit). Keep… Continue reading Double-Teaming Anxiety: Me and Zii

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With Unwanted Thoughts at Bay, I’m Having a Lovely Day

Hey!! Peanut here. I'm in a good mood for once today!! I mean, this morning I did have an argument with my mum, but I think I'll make a separate post about all that. Let's focus on the positives for now! Well, it's not like anything amazing happened, but today went pretty nicely. I had… Continue reading With Unwanted Thoughts at Bay, I’m Having a Lovely Day