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Access Denied

T/W Discussing abuse. Not in any real detail, but it comes up. So in The Sims 4, the alien sims have the ability to wipe a person's memory of them from the other sim's mind. I think that's pretty cool, but it would be more awesome if you could actually wipe their whole memory (and… Continue reading Access Denied

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So, There’s This Really Cool Thing Called CONTEXT…

Today we're gonna talk about the n-word... (I will write the word uncensored so if that offends you don't read. Also I'm black so pls don't attack me thx) Yup, we're going there again. So I recently heard about Kendrick Lamar and how he invited a fan to come and sing one of his songs.… Continue reading So, There’s This Really Cool Thing Called CONTEXT…

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Double-Teaming Anxiety: Me and Zii

I've been having trouble figuring out a name to give my closest uni friend for a while now, but I thought I'd settle on Zii. Zii is the name of a character in a webcomic called Ménage à trois (A real cool NSFW comic- loads of lgbt characters because yeah, I like that shit). Keep… Continue reading Double-Teaming Anxiety: Me and Zii